Astonishing Medical Clinic in Turkey Induces Modernity and Elegance

Most medical clinics tend to have cold impression. It’s the reason why people, especially children, are often reluctant to visit any clinics. However, this plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul – Turkey is really astonishing. Created by Iglo Architects, the 250-square-meter clinic induces modern and stylish design. I’m sure that no one will love to visit the clinic for consultation, surgeons, or other purposes.

You can find the Istanbul clinic on the Fulya Terrace building, precisely on the 12th floor. It’s officially named New Age Clinic. Yes, the clinic was actually a flat. Iglo Architects has smartly transformed the flat into a captivating modern clinic, which impress many people. Dark gray walls serve as impressive background that suggests modernity and elegance. Meanwhile, most of the furniture pieces come in blue and white colors. They bring stylish and sophisticated feel in the clinic.

Futuristic blue sofa becomes the main attraction in the lobby. The seating fuses perfectly with white accent chairs and a few coffee tables. Behind the blue sofa, you can find sophisticated white counter table that integrates with charming wooden desk. Three round seats in blue and gray colors complement the piece. A large LED light installed on ceiling illuminates the counter space beautifully. It delivers greater modern impression in the plastic surgery clinic.

Although modernity is the main concept of the clinic, but you can also find natural touches there. A few pots of small green plants are put near glass windows. The glass windows even let in natural light and offering outdoor view. A few rooms with wooden doors are the place where the doctors examine and treat their patients. You need to know that the patients of the clinic don’t only come from Istanbul, but also from other cities. There are two professional doctors who are always ready with great and safe solutions for the patients.