Awesome Pendant Lights Giving Nice Contrast and Adding Visual Interest to the Decoration

A famous lighting company called Booo has recently unleashed their newest pendant light designs. With innovative technology and artistic design, these pendant lights will give nice contrast and add point of interest within your home. For these products, Booo have collaborated with some top designers such as Nacho Carbonelli and Nika Zupanc. You can check out some of the cool pendant lights in the following picture gallery.

Let’s start with this unconventional loft living room. Since it has small space, there are not much furniture can be added to decorate the room. The owner only has a brown microfiber sofa, a veneer coffee table and a modern orange chair to furnish this small room. To add focal point to the decoration, a unique lamp from Nacho Carbonelli is used.

This amazing pendant light uses rubber material to cover the light bulbs. Moreover, these bubble pendant lights set the warm tone with its soft yellow lighting effect. When they are turned off, the rubber lamp covers turn to white, allowing it to match the dominant white tone inside the room.

Meanwhile, the following image displays another loft room. This room has two skylight windows that highlight a rustic brown wooden bench and a unique white chair. This room also offers a fascinating focal point using an awesome pendant light. This Formafantasama lamp design delivers exclusive feature with its shiny metallic trim. Moreover, this pendant light combines a conventional white lampshade with a durable incandescent bulb.

Next, you will be served an astonishing kid bedroom with an unconventional pendant lamp design. Another work of Nacho Carbonelli is a rubber ball lamp with lovely design. This user friendly lamp has unbreakable rubber cover that can be squeezed. Moreover, the organic material used in this lamp makes it safe for children.