Contemporary Italian Kitchen Designs Evoking Beauty and Loveliness

Most interior designers often say that kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s their way to describe the great importance of the room. Well, I truly agree with them. Without kitchen, then a home will not have warmth. After coming home from work, kitchen is the first room where I want to go. I really love to find what my mother has cooked there. Therefore, I even consider that kitchen is the soul of a home. In this post, I will present a few pictures of beautiful kitchen designs in contemporary Italian style.

The domination of white color creates beauty and loveliness in this contemporary Italian kitchen design. White glass windows which let in natural light contribute to bring bright and spacious feeling. The white kitchen island comes with built-in stove that nicely integrated with a breakfast table.

Two charming wooden chairs complement the piece. Black and white striped rug laying on floor near the table helps the kitchen to also have attractive impression. Meanwhile, glossy blue shelving unit is mounted on wall above the kitchen countertop to create variation in look.

There is a rather industrial impression in the second contemporary Italian kitchen. Gray island, ceiling-mount range hood and stainless steel oven and microwave are the units that bring the impression. The ceiling-mount range hood interestingly can also function as a pot rack. Meanwhile, the stainless steel oven and microwave are accommodated by the white kitchen cabinets. A breakfast table with glass top stands captivatingly in front of the kitchen island. Long white curtains adorn the glass windows and delivering wonderful look.

Cream wall panel with shelves and cabinets brings calm feeling in the next contemporary Italian kitchen design. The wall panel even has built-in countertops that can be used for cooking. The kitchen owner smartly uses the lower countertop as a surface for setting a TV. A relaxing black chair is placed in front of the entertainment unit. Thus, you can use the kitchen not only for cooking, but also for watching TV comfortably. Contemporary Italian kitchen designs are truly beautiful!