Dazzling Italian Apartment Renovated with a Touch of Modernity and Traditional Accents

Putting two different to a home is not always a simple task. You must have the technique to blend the two styles and put them into harmony. Not long ago, Marco Vincenzi and Caturegli joined together to finish an Italian apartment renovation project in Lucca, Central Italy. The owner wished an apartment that merges modern aesthetic and traditional flair. Let’s see how these designers create such living room with two different styles.

This renovation project preserves the traditional value through the rustic exposed wood beam ceiling. Also, you can spot some traditional accents are also employed with the brick wall and the rustic wood flooring. Meanwhile, the furniture is completely modern. A light grey sofa defines the focal point with its sleek and charming design.

In the corner, the modern white dining set features a rectangular white table with modern grey stools showing fabulous white saber legs. For the lighting, the designer installs two contemporary wall sconces in the corners of the space. Moreover, the living room also has traditional stair design with stone tiles coating the steps.

The modern and traditional style blending is also shown in the kitchen area. The white brick wall fused perfectly with some traditional wall cabinets mounted on it. Meanwhile, the kitchen backsplash features brick construction that is painted with white.

For the main cabinetry, the designers chose to use modern style. This contemporary white cabinetry also exudes elegance with white marble countertop and hi-tech appliances built within it. Two futuristic track lights are placed beneath the ceiling to add modern brightness to this space. In the upper floor, the apartment shows a stupendous loft bedroom. The combination of wood ceiling construction and the contemporary white wall is simply fascinating. Meanwhile, the square skylight windows allow the sunlight to highlight the bed. The designers have shown a brilliant job to merge the two different styles to create such an inspiring Italian apartment.