Masculine Living Rooms Furnished with Stylish Pieces to Impress Both Men and Women

Most people tend to think of masculine rooms as simple and dark space without too many pieces. Well, masculine rooms actually can have great impression, as you will see from the displayed pictures. They show you masculine living rooms furnished with stylish pieces and items. The spaces are even able to attract not only men, but also women.

Black furry rug brings luxury as well as masculinity in this first living room. It certainly also serves as comfortable footing. A dark gray tufted sofa is set on the rug and accompanied by an accent chair in the same style. The pieces deliver coziness and elegance. Two black metal round stools stand in front of the seating. There is also a modern floor lamp in the living room. Meanwhile, a board displaying Union Jack hangs impressively on light gray wall behind the sofa. Long black curtains adorning glass windows contribute to enhance the masculine living room.

It’s a breathtaking masculine living room located on upper floor of a tall building. The space boasts multiple glass windows which offer you wonderful view of city. Interesting brown patterned rug lies on the black floor tiles. Modern cream sofa, black chairs and glass coffee table stand stunningly on it. Other two chairs with blue pads provide more awesome seating in the room. Elegant dark wooden storage unit is placed against a wall and decorated with luxurious porcelains.

Moving to the next picture, you can see a modern masculine living room with a long fireplace. Mounted on a glossy black wall, the fireplace really brings warmth and sophistication. A wall hanging flat screen TV above the fireplace provides entertainment for the living room owner. Light brown tiles with floral pattern decorate the floor and delivering beauty. In the living room, you can also have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful dusk through the glass windows. Those masculine living rooms have impressed both men and women.