Old Warehouse Renovated into an Elegant Office with Industrial Outlook

It is not an easy task to revive an old building and transform it into another building with different function. However, a team from IGLO architects has made it with awesome result. They revived an old warehouse located in Maslak, Istanbul into a stylish office with classy outlook. This marvelous P Blok office space mixes modern aesthetic and industrial style. Let’s have closer look at this magnificent office design.

This renovated warehouse has some structural changes in the process of revitalization. A new front entrance is added to give a great impression from the outside. Moreover, this 450 square meter building also gets two additional levels and a new reception area. The entrance area serves typical industrial appearance with concrete floor, black concrete wall, and some exposed metal frames. The office entrance also displays some industrial wooden benches and brick wall.

Moving further, the office room seems to be open and exposed. The use of large glass sliding door is important to make open space outlook. In the center, a wooden conference table adds industrial appeal together with some well-designed metal office chairs. The lighting fixtures include pendant lights with grey metal lampshades. Another office room uses simple built in table. This l-shaped table gives the room plenty of open space. Meanwhile, the ergonomic office chairs are captivating with white seat cushions.

The lower ground of this office is a cozy area for eating and chilling out. This large space shows its class with its gorgeous brick wall. In the corner, the cafeteria serves an awesome lounge with its stylish wooden bar table with metal bar glass racks above it. This office cafeteria shows nice dining sets by combining reclaimed wooden tables with some chic yellow bar stools made from plastic material. The lighting fixtures promotes industrial feel with its metal pendant lights.