Overwhelming Florense Store Presented by Henrique Steyer in Brazil

One more Brazilian artwork releases by Henrique Steyer. He joins the ALBUS Design Studio. The name of the house is Florense’s new store and the location is in Sao Paulo. Wow, it is amazing since you see this great exterior wall panel in maroon tile. That outdoor display is as the sign of the building. It has vertical nickname with led light. Alongside that, there is glow led light on the side. Of course, this panel faces off the glamorous store with nickname too.

Awesome large floor-to-ceiling window gives luxury open interior detail. Gorgeous classy maroon curtain adorn it with high beauty. Let’s explore the artistic interior design. Great red acrylic hanging displays are overlooking the social area. Terrific figure art hangs over the enchanting rack room divider. Mesmerizing dining nook furniture sets is masculine. Transparent backrest for stylish black chairs mixes with tufted pad. It flanks the dashing two tones round table. Around this table sets are sweet red rug and modern white wall unit with bookcases.

By the way, this luxurious store provides several style kitchens. It is the first example with antique glossy engraving wooden pot stand. On the shabby chic black rug is white fabric chairs and plain wooden table. Besides that, there is vintage armchair. Well, behind those items are earthy l shaped kitchen. It completes with the accessories and appliances. Gold accent on the cabinet door and wall mixes with clean white countertop. The nuance of this area is delightful.

Astounding futuristic kitchen is more religious. It is proven from the cross wall and the white figure statues. Unique round bar stools are admirable. Sleek maroon kitchen cabinet is overlooking with superb white island bar. The last kitchen style is captivating. Surely, patterned tile backsplash makes it. Further, lively blue dining table adds that sense. Actually, there are more spaces that should be discussed. However, you better come here and choose your favorite things.