Stupendous Modern Bedroom Concepts with Ocean Views

It would be really awesome to rest in a bedroom that gives scenic ocean view. The beauty of the ocean will always bring calmness and peaceful nuance. In this post, we are back to share amazing bedroom ideas with soothing ocean view. In addition, the bedrooms you are about to see are really well decorated with contemporary vibe and modern aesthetics. Without further to do, here is our cool bedroom collection.

The application of glass window is very essential to make the most of the ocean view. In this bedroom, the seaside view is promoted through some fascinating floor-to ceiling windows. These windows capture the beautiful scenery marvelously. Moreover, you can notice the contemporary interior style is employed. This open bedroom uses a contemporary floating bed with grey cushions that is placed in strategic place. A modern ottoman next to the window adds a stylish seating option to enjoy the amazing ocean view.

A beach bedroom is also interesting in this photo. Instead of using concrete wall, the designer chose to use large glass windows. The windows allow you to see the ocean in different views. This bedroom by Earth stone shows sustainable aesthetic with a fireplace with sandstone mantel.

The fireplace decoration is also awesome with an additional shelf filled with decorative objects. In the corners, the chic modern armchairs allow you to relax while enjoying the ocean. To add more modernity, the designer chose a modern floating bed with wood construction. What an exotic bedroom it is!

Meanwhile, this Sydney bedroom promotes exotic vibe. With corner glass windows, the bedroom successfully brings the ocean in. The wood plank wall merges with the maple wood floor enhance the exoticism. Meanwhile, a comfortable beige cushioned bed is pointed at the ocean to allow perfect relaxation. Stepping outside, you can also chill out on a small deck with glass balustrades.